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Should you Record Your own Demo?

So let me get this straight... You thought about becoming a voice actor, you got some coaching, practiced, bought yourself a nice mic and pre-amp, figured out how to connect it via an A/D device to your computer, even learned Audacity or another software to record on. Not only that but you can clean up your recorded files and remove breaths and pops so it sounds nice and professional. Oh man Johnny, you've been a busy boy, and you know what - YOU ROCK!

Get ready because you have 3 seconds to succeed. One. Two. Three. Go! And by that I mean, research suggests voice seekers listen to a voice actor for three seconds before deciding whether to even listen to the sample much less hire you. Yup. Sad. True.

So when you ask me, "Cindy can I go ahead and record my own demo because I rock so bad?" I'm going to say, "No, Sally, you may not."

Now, I know it is going to look like Edge Studio is paying me to promote them. The unfortunate truth is they are not in any way affiliated with me other than having trained me. From that experience however I can speak. They effectively coach you, help you with your script, have an audio engineer master your finished piece and create an mp3 that represents the best of your voice. So yes, whether Edge or someone else, you should invest in this.

More on the script, size, content, of your spiffy demo next time. Au revoir Fabienne. Until we meet again.