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Voice Over 101

So your friends have told you that you'd be a great at voice overs, because you have such a (insert adjective here) voice. Now you want to explore whether voice over work is right for you.

So where to start?

Maybe Dr. Google told you to sign up on one of the P2P sites like Voices and Voice123.

Well I say Hold on!

You may have a fantastic voice, and a burning desire to use it, but like any other business, you need to prepare before launching yourself into it. Why? Because your voice is only a part of what matters most.

You will need at least some basic equipment,  hardware and software, a whole lot of practice, a professional demo.... not to mention it costs upward of 300 dollars a year to enroll in those particular sites... so why invest prematurely.

But most of all -- you don't want to go into the voice over world too early. If you are not ready,  you may burn some bridges right out of the gate.

Nowadays you do not need to spend a fortune on the technology but you do need some level of investment. You will need a pre-amp, a mic, a computer (you probably already have one), some software (there's free stuff!), and an acoustically treated environment (don't be scared, that environment may be your closet to start).

I will post step by step tips on all that is required but let me leave you with my first piece of advice. You must get some training.

So stick around for some tips on my next post, where I will provide you information on where to get coaching, how to make a demo, and much more.

To start with: You need coaching, and the understanding that you will need persistence.

My acting coach is the beautiful Michele Morgan Truvilion. You can reach her at -- tell her you read it on Cindy's Voice Over Solutions blog! Have a look at some of her work here:

Now as far as persistence: That's a mindset. So start practicing ;-)